Past Papers

Students are always looking for the shortcuts for their exams preparation. While hard work and detailed study are crucial for their exams preparation, there are some ways that students can use in order to improve their performance and secure good marks. We would not recommend depending on these mediums solely since you need to work hard to score the good grade. However, considering past papers can help you to understand the format of the exam and you can get a better understanding of how a certain question can be asked in exams.

Past papers are important in almost all exams. Without seeing the past paper students can’t be confident about their exam preparation and studies. These past papers work as sample papers or model papers as well because they give you the idea of your actual exams.

That’s not all; past papers also help you to manage your time in your exams. Proper Time management during the exams is something that many students face during their exams. Students often ran out of time and end up leaving some very important questions. Due to this issue, some students could not solve the question even if they know the answer.

These situations can be very devastating and disappointing for the students because their hard work does not pay off. However, past papers can be a huge help to cater to this problem. Students can practice solving the past papers in the given time and can keep track of their time. Eventually, they can distribute their time and can specify a precise time to solve a certain section of their exam. This way their time management skill will be improved and they will be able to solve their actual exam within a given time as well.

How Past paper can help you to get good marks?

Textbooks have a lot of information and it can be hard to figure out how your final board exams will be like. Past papers can be a great help in this regard; especially in the case of higher-level education like bachelor and Masters Exams where students have many books for the same subject. In cases like these, past papers can give students an idea about their exams format and section distributions.

This way student can know which questions have high marks and which questions and topics have low marks. This can be really helpful in their exams preparation.

Another aspect of the past paper is that student can know the important question and topics and can prepare them well. There are always some important topics and question that repeat every few years. By reading the past papers students can mark the important questions that are being repeated in several boards constantly. Preparing these questions will increase the chance of their good performance because those questions are likely to repeat.

So consider reading Past papers for your next board exams because it will not only make you familiar with the exam pattern, it can also help you out to get some educational guess of important questions.

Find all the Past Papers from different Educational boards on BISE Pakistan

BISEPakistan provides its students with the facility of online reading and downloading Up to Date. Student can check the past papers of all the subject of intermediate and Metric. Bachelor and Master Students of certain universities and colleges can also see the past papers of their subjects.

Students of 5th, 8th, Metric, Intermediate can see and download past papers of all the educational boards of Pakistan. Students can select their programs, course, board, and subject and can search past papers accordingly.

With the help of these past papers, students can figure out the areas of their studies where they need more hard work. By knowing their challenging aspect they will be able to work on them and improve themselves. This process will help them to get good grades in exams.

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