Date Sheet


Exams Date sheet is announced by all Educational board of Pakistan every year. Whether it’s a metric level exam, intermediate exams, bachelor or maters exam date sheet of every exam is announced to notify the student about their exams.

This date sheet is the official announcement of the exams. The students are notified about their exams through the date sheet, they can see how many holidays they have between each paper for their exam preparation.

The designing date is the responsibility of the educational boards; all universities, colleges, and educational boards issue their own date sheets on their scheduled time. It is usually declared two weeks before the beginning of the exams so that every student can reach it and be aware of their exams date. If you want the immediate access to your date sheet after its declaration, you can turn on our notification service. This way you will notify about the Date sheet declaration immediately and check the date sheet on our website right away.

Student can check the exam date sheet of MCAT, ECAT, and CSS as well. You can see the date sheet online and you can also download the date sheet from our website as well. We immediately upload the date sheet after its declaration from the educational boards of Pakistan and universities and colleges. Students can also get access to their roll number slips and download their roll number slips from our website as well. The proper date, day and the name of the subject are mentioned on the Exam date sheet. After the declaration of the date sheet student passionately start their exams preparations and revision etc.

Information about timing, shift and exam date

Date contains some very important information and overlooking this information can lead to very serious consequences. Generally, the following information is mentioned on the exam date sheet:

Once you have your date sheet, look it very carefully and it is recommended to highlight your subjects out of your date sheet. (In case of E-version of your date sheet, there are many tools available that can highlight text in the softcopy form) This way you will not spend time to search for your subject every time you look at your date sheet. Also, pay close attention to the shift of the exam and reach on time in exam center accordingly.

This information is also mentioned on your roll number slip as well. Always make sure to check and read your roll number slips properly and if you find any kind of error then get it resolved immediately.

How the Date sheet impact the exam preparation plan

The date of a certain subject and number of holidays can only be determined once the date sheets announced. Date sheet can highly impact on your exam preparation plan because sometimes students have many holidays in one subject and might not have any holiday at all in the other.

That’s why students should get prepared for the subjects with no holidays in advance so that they just need to revise the syllabus during. There is no doubt that date sheet declaration and exams also put some extra pressure on the students. However, proper planning and well-planned action plan can help in achieving good grades.

Make your revision plans according to your date sheet and schedule your exam preparation accordingly.

Check your Exams date sheet 2020 on BisePakistan

Date sheet of all the educational boards of Pakistan that are operating in different provinces is available on our website. Some of them are listed below:

Students of 5th, 8th, matric, intermediate, bachelor and Masters can check out their exam date sheet for 2020 on BisePakistan.

We wish you very good luck for your exams. You can also check out your Date sheet 2020 on our website. Get easy and quick access to your result by using Bisepakistan. Please make sure to allow our desktop notification. This way you will get notified after we post the result, date sheet or any new update.