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About Us

The ultimate goal of BisePakistan is to provide you the best experience and fast access to your board result. We have kept the interface and layout of BisePakistan simple and user-friendly. User can easily navigate through our website and can avail any service he/she might want to avail.

We have tried to make this website helpful and simple. User can get the advantage of services like fast result checking service, view date sheet, search notes, check past papers, file downloading and many more. These features are tried and tested by our professionals. We ought to provide you best services and user experience.

We know the importance of studies and with our work, we are trying to contribute to the bright future of the students. Students who can’t afford to purchase expensive notes and key books can take advantage of our search notes, past papers and online teaching assistance. All these services are totally free for students. You can download these notes and save them for late use. With the help of teaching assistants, students can send their inquiry to our specialist and they will get back to them as soon as possible.

Have questions? Feel free to reach us!

If you are having any kind of problem or if you have any suggestion for us, you can contact us through our contact page. Our customer support team is available all week long and we will be more than happy to help you with any issue that you might be having.

Our services

We provide easy, reliable and fast result checking services. Along with that we also provide many educational services to help out students in their studies and job search.

Following is the list of some main services that we provide:

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the students with fast and reliable result checking services. We aim to help the students in their exams preparation. Students get access to free exams helping material and online teaching assistant. We also aim to provide them future perspective by displaying different job offers on our website. Our vision is to provide reliable and quality services. Our website is designed to bear a large web traffic load. We understand the fact that our website should endure high traffic. On result day students often face the problem of slow service and some websites may even crash due to the high web traffic.

That’s why our goal is to provide a dependable medium to students where they will be able to check their result right after its declaration.

Contact Our Help Team

When you face a problem, first check out help and general FAQ’s available on the company website. If you think that available material does not address your problem then you can contact our customer support team.

The process of filling the inquiry is quite simple. Just add your Email address, Name, and message in the form and send it to us. Or you can Directly Email us your inquiry. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Provide Us Your Feedback

Feedback of our valuable users is very important for us. Your feedback helps us to improve and develop. You can leave your feedback in the comment section. You can tell us if you want to add a certain feature or you can request something. Let us know We have focused on providing our user a very simple, engaging layout, however, If you are having any problem in understanding a certain feature, please let us know.